Team 2.0

Atish Jain (Author/ Daily content provider):

Mr. Weirdo!

Actually that was what I thought when I typed Atish Jain on my computer screen! This name was given to him by another team member (Shubhi) who would be disclosed later. Atish is the only sincere guy in the team as far as studies are considered. He is attracted the most by the cultural values. He considers Jain guru Shri Tarunsagarji and Adolf Hitler as his role-models. His aims for future are to study more and become a Chartered Accountant over and above studying Actuarial Science.

Dhruvi Shah (FB Admin/ Content provider):

Ms. Emotional

Dhruvi, a girl who has only 3 things to live friends, family and love-stories (TV, Books all comprising of the same)! When I approached her for being the admin, her first reply was NO! But immediately she said "Actually I was watching my favorite serial so I didn't took you seriously. Okay, I'll do it! " All she believes is in true love, all she wants is love of family, friends and everyone. She dies for Robert Pattinson. Books mean love-stories for her. I'm not clear for her aims but I'm sure she would be aiming to get a place in the Guinness Book for being the most Emotional person alive! 

Jay Soni(Promoter):

The Over Enthusiast

Actually I never thought of contacting him for this project. He aims at living life to the fullest. He loves the western culture (Which most of the team members hate). So I never hoped his support. Although, on contacting him I came to know that within him lies another human being, the great one! He is the most enthusiastic team member. His hobbies include partying, doing some businesses, etc. A die-hard muskabun fan! His aims for future are to achieve great heights in the field he goes.

Keyur Patel: (Official Tweeter):
The Dreamer

Keyur, the one who has all that is needed for a comfortable life. He wants more, he wants all of his own! He has planned his whole life (Almost like the way I have). His interests are politics, photography, public speaking, etc. The thing I like the most about him is his self-confidence. He knows what he has to do, but not how he'll do it!

Priyank Bhavsar (Author/Researcher/Sub-head):

Mr. Simple

Priyank is the most silent, most well-behaved, most well-groomed guy. He is fond of literature but hates to write. So convincing him to write for World version 2.0 was a difficult task. He is talented but he hates using his resources. His future plans only include writing for World Version 2.0. He takes a thing at a time and has absolutely no plans for future. The weird one, but the talented one.

 Raj Kamdar (Founder/Editor/Web Designer/Photographer/Coloumnist/Blogger/Researcher/Translator/Head):

All in one package

Raj, like you know is the founder of this site. Enthusiastic, super creative, hyper active, optimistic, day-dreaming teenager. He has almost every hobby a human can have. It seems Da Vinci's motto "Never stop creativity" is only for him. He is the craziest guy of the team who usually remains quite, but when his madness keeps going, only god can save the listener. Always full of new words, new songs, he encouraged all of us for this idea. He is over optimist and over-overconfident for his ideas. His goals are possibly what no one would even dream to achieve.

 Rutvik Oza (Author/ Arguer/ Content Provider/ Sub-head):
The Odd one out!

This was the word that best suited this talented, but foolish guy!  He is the only team member besides Jay Soni, who is attracted towards the western culture. He believes that emotions and family life hinder an individual's growth. He is attracted the most by Oscar Wilde's works. His negative point, which he considers a positive one is that he talks too much, but does nothing. Another notable thing about him is that what attracts masses, rarely attracts him. What attracts him, rarely attracts masses. Intelligent one, but the different one in the team.

Shubhi Verma (FB Admin):

Ms. Lol!

Shubhi, a word often used for luck! She's happy! She's lucky! The quote "Happy go lucky suits her the best." She believes in enjoying life at it's fullest. Her hobbies are similar to that of a typical 21st century child. Crush means Robbert Pattinson to her, books mean Twilight to her. Shubhi is possibly the only member in the team, who is satisfied with all she has got. She aims an MBA in future, but what she wants more is that what she has today, shall remain forever. And yeah, Lol is her favourite word!